a. Bike Repairing, Services & Maintenance.
b. Automobile and Bike Consultants.
1.2 The Company shall deploy a Bike Expert (BE) at Customer’s location once the Customer has requested for the services through Company’s website, via a phone call, or walk in and all the necessary details have been taken note of.
1.3 Bike Expert (BE) will carry out an inspection, he will also verify the necessary valid bike documents (viz. RC book, PUC, valid Insurance papers) and the customer is responsible for the production of these documents if needed.
1.4 The Company shall ensure that it provides the Services with due care, and with superior quality standards.
1.5 Deliverables of Services shall be subject to acceptance by the customer. Any complaints or issues with the services shall be addressed by the Company.
1.6 The Company shall be responsible for the completion of Bike general repairing within maximum two hours. However, the time required for servicing/ maintenance of the bike also depends on the other factors like condition of the bike, availability of the tools & parts. So incase the time required is more than the normal time (i.e. two hours), the Company shall communicate this to the Customer.
1.7 The Job card will contain the service(s) to be provided by the Bike expert for which the Company shall charge the customer accordingly. However, upon inspection, if the Bike Expert finds it necessary to provide any additional service(s) apart from the ones mentioned in the Job card, additional charges shall apply.
1.8 Bike repairing shall be carried out at the designated location of the Company (Xperience Centre). The Bike expert shall visit the customer location and ride the bike to the work floor. If there arises a situation where due to lack of fuel, the bike expert pays for the fuel refilling, the expenses incurred by the bike expert shall be liable to be reimbursed by the customer.
1.9 If any additional material is required to be procured by the expert in order to repair/service the bike, the actual amount spent by the expert shall be liable to be reimbursed by the customer.
1.10 Bike’s safety shall remain the Company’s responsibility till it remains in its possession. The Company undertakes to reimburse the customer for any damage caused to the bike while in possession of the Company. However, the maximum liability of the Company shall be restricted to the actual loss caused reduced by the compensation received by the customer from the Insurance Company. Incase where the customer has not taken any insurance cover or the customer does not intend to lodge a claim with the insurer, the Company shall still not be liable to reimburse the entire amount of losses.
1.11 Incase where the Bike expert needs to carry out any mechanical work in the premises of the customer, it would be customer’s responsibility to obtain all the permissions from the appropriate authority. The Company would not be responsible for payment of any charges as may be levied by any authority.
1.12 Any expense, fine or penalty which is to be paid and which is not directly attributable to gross negligence of Bike expert or company, shall be borne by the customer.
1.13 The company will levy Rs 50 per day storage charges if delivery of the vehicle is not taken as communicated by Bike Expert
1.14 Any personal items left on the bicycle when it is provided are left at the customer's own risk and company accepts no liability for any loss or damage to these items

As a matter of policy, the Company shall inquire about the condition of the bike and the responsibility to provide correct details regarding the condition of the bike shall lie with the customer. Also, customer must produce all the valid documents viz. RC book, insurance papers etc. to the Bike Expert if needed.


2.1 The Company shall raise the Tax invoice once the services have been rendered. Upon receipt of the Tax invoice, customer will be liable to pay the same immediately before the handover of the vehicle. The invoice amount is inclusive of all taxes
2.2 Prices mentioned are for labour only, spare parts, oil, and any extra consumables will be charged as per MRP.
2.3 Any dispute regarding the service or the payments in relation thereto shall be subject to local jurisdiction
2.4 If the customer makes payment through cheque, the payment shall be subject to realisation of the amount. Incase where the cheque gets dishonoured, charges levied by the bank shall be borne by the Customer.


3.1 Any notice or other writing to be given by any Party to the other Parties in connection with or under this SEC or for the purposes of this SEC shall be in writing and in English. Any such notice may be given by personal delivery or by registered courier to the address of the parties set forth herein.
3.2 The interpretation, construction and performance of this SEC shall be governed exclusively by laws of India and the Parties expressly submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mumbai.
3.3 In case of any dispute or differences arising out of this SEC, each party may as soon as practicable give to other party notice in writing of the existence of such questions or disputes specifying its nature and the point of issue. If the parties cannot resolve the matters by mutually acceptable solutions within 7 days, the said dispute or difference shall be referred to and settled by arbitration under the provisions of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996. The Arbitration proceedings shall be held in Mumbai.
3.4 The customer will indemnify the company for any legal cost or any cost in connection with legal dispute arising between the parties.


4.01 - Total amount inclusive of all taxes.
4.02 - Prices mentioned are for labour only, Spare Parts, Oil and Consumables will be charged as per MRP
4.03 - There will be 8 step inspection process and 50+ point checklist which is termed as General Service.
4.04 - Time taken for General Service will be minimum 2 hours.
4.05 - There will be free pick up and drop facility to our workshop, in case scope of work is beyond General Service.
4.06 - KTM, Dominar400 and other superbikes shall only be serviced at the Xperience Centre, no doorstep services shall be provided for them.
4.07 - Eco-Friendly Chemical Wash with Nano-Coating will be provided in General Service.
4.08 - Xperience Centre is the term used by Garage Uncle team instead of workshop, garage and service centre.
4.09 - If the customer rates our services on Facebook & Google with the #garageuncle tag with his experience they will be provided with 5% discount on parts or labour instantly.
4.10 - The customer will be provided Rs.50 as referral bonus on the next invoice and the referred customer will also be provided Rs.50 off on his first invoice.
4.11 - Storage charges of Rs.50/day will be charged extra if delivery of the vehicle is not taken as communicated by Bike Expert.
4.12 - AMC provides 5% discount on parts & labour.
4.13 - AMC begins from the date of the first service and not from the date of AMC booking.
4.14 - AMC will be valid for a maximum period of 12 months from the date of first service.
4.15 - AMC Service will be due on every 2500 km or 3 months whichever is earlier.
4.16 - There will be 7 days warranty on parts (vehicle will be checked / repaired only at Xperience Centre if issues are identified).