Top Bikers group in India

By: Donal Sanghvi Category: Bike Lovers30/03/2019

1. DOC (Dominar Owner Clubs)

D.O.C. is an exclusive group of Dominar 400 owners only bringing the like-minded come together and uplift the idea of Brotherhood, Fraternity and Loyalty. The D.O.C. is not sponsored by any organisation. Feel proud to be a part of the fraternity that talks in the same tune and rev on the same adjustments.

Website: http://dominarownersclub.com
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/DOCIANS


The Fz/Fazer’s Riders Club Mumbai-Pune, or FRC, was founded in 2013, with the main aim of getting together like-minded bikers to spread the joy of motorcycling. The group was officially born in 2013, with the first gathering held in December, the same year. The first ride was held on 23rd February 2014, to Kelwe, and from there on, there has been no stopping FRC. One-day rides, night rides, off-roading, rallies, FRC has done it all. The most memorable moment in the club’s history would be when they partnered with CEAT to ride across 7 states, to spread road safety awareness. Their longest ride was a mammoth Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai tour. This exciting group of riders has also been keenly involved in social service, which included traffic safety rallies(RFS) and the donation of food and clothes to the elderly at Mother Teresa Old Age Home. The unique thing here is that everyone is treated with respect, and admins are often the most-teased and well-respected members on and off rides. Here, the laughter is as loud as the engine notes of their wonderfully-maintained bikes. Every FRCian is a part of an inner-circle of the closest, funniest and naughtiest friends you will come across in your life. This is a creed of bikers that will instantly excite, rejuvenate and revitalize you.

Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/FRCian/


Bajaj Avenger Club (BAC) is the largest representation of Avenger across the globe. The tagline of the club is Blood in Tank, Fuel in Veins and it believes in safe riding and group riding. The club has 11 chapters across India with 3000+ members, and 1 chapter in Bogota, Colombia. Founded in 2012 by Srinidhi Hebbur, the club is managed by Srinidhi Hebbur, Siddharth Selvarajan and Ankit Gandhi. The club’s Bengaluru chapter has 550+ members. The club is associated with the orphanage Sneha Jyoti in Bidadi.

Website: http://bacmumbai.blogspot.in
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/bajajavengerclubindia/
Mumbai Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/bajajavengerclubmumbai/

4. Group of Superbikers Delhi (G.O.D.S.):

GODS is a biker group from Delhi which was formed way back in the year 1998 by Dr. Arun Theraja. The group has gone from strength to strength in terms of quality superbiking,the main thrust being on the safety aspect. The group consists of more than 70 members.

To know more about the group visit: http://www.gods.co.in/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GROUP.OF.DELHI.SUPERBIKERS/

5. India Bull Riders:

Delhi Bull Riders (now India Bull Riders)was founded by Sajeesh Nair in November 2007. India Bull Riders (formerly known as Delhi Bull Riders or DBR) was formed as an exclusive Royal Enfield motorcycle club in November 2007. Being associated with lots of other biking clubs initially, Sajeesh Nair felt the urge of forming an All-RE motorbike club to promote group riding activities. Royal Enfield motorbikes have always been associated with tough terrain and long distance riding. However, it was time to break the barrier to give all such unconventional thoughts a new dimension. IBR members together form the IBR fraternity. Unbiased approach and open to all bullet passionate, IBR believes in unity in diversity. For us caste, creed, colour, religion or sex doesn’t matter at all. After all, who cares about this orthodox philosophy. IBR members come from diverse culture and profession, but for IBR all are same – RIDING ENTHUSIASTS. India Bull Riders has 8 active chapters in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Udaipur, Chennai, Jaipur and Pune.

To join the group or know more visit: http://indiabullriders.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/indiabullriders

6. Bikers Of India:

TeamBOI is a bikers club for all varieties of bike to ride & share the same passion of biking - chapters Bangalore,Davengiri,Kolar,Kolapur Join in for more.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bikersofindia/

7. The Musafirs:

The Musafirs Motorcycling is a biking club in Mumbai and Pune. Incepted in 2010, with a vision of uniting motorcycling enthusiasts, today the Musafirs have positively impacted more than a thousand riders – many of these try not missing even a single ride! The Musafirs do not promote any single brand of motorcycles, no matter what machine you ride, you are welcomed! Though a chirpy bunch of riders, we do share information useful for bikers – it could be about any new safety gear, a new motorcycle being launched, how to carry luggage, how to select the right helmet, etc. Most of the information sharing happens one-on-one on the rides or over social media. Experience how it feels to belong to a larger family of fun filled motorcyclists! Join the tribe of Musafirs to add life in your days – ask us where we are heading to this month and join us. There is never a better time to explore than today!

Website: https://www.themusafirs.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mumbaimusafirsbiking/

8. 60kph:

60kph (All India): Social structure in India doesn't encourage Adventure biking or cross country biking, hence the community was formed where in like minded bikers could interact and get enough encouragement to live life the way they wanted to, on the ROAD. Result, 60kph has been consistently doing long distance riding since 5th Jan 2002 when it was formed and as the miles clocked in, the club and its members earned respect. A philosophy of the club - "You can never come back from a ride". This is one reason why true bikers feel the need to ride more often than others, to experience different places and interact with different people. And we at 60kph are constantly looking for riders who share the same philosophy, look at the road the way we do and are eager to share their experiences.The brotherhood of bikers is where the true feeling of travel is shared, Anxieties & difficulties; adventures and flat tyres are better understood. Hence, it's better to hear about places and people from a biker rather than from a guidebook or an arm-chair traveler. Travelogues on the site aren't meant to spoon-feed a wannabe traveler about places to see, places to stay, etc. Instead they will be more about the rider's state of mind and how did the place alter it. Strange lands can overwhelm or frighten you, can make you feel happy or sad and that's what the travelogues will render to the reader, giving you a subconscious insight about the place and the rider.60kphers believe that the two elements can be best experienced on two wheels. The road and the ride teaches the rider a lot of things and the best way to realize it consciously is to share it with others. As one 60kpher puts it, "but then there are times and places and people you want to describe your orgasms to." P.S. - 60kph doesn't mean we ride at 60kph :-) Biking in India is not about speed or movement but rather, stillness. One can understand this only when he rides on the small lonely stretches absorbing the ever changing culture, people and customs.

Website: http://www.60kph.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/60kph/

9. Naked Wolves:

Is an exclusive club for Bajaj Pulsar 200NS riders and has chapters across Mangalore, Kerala, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and North Bengal among others. Their objective, apart from going on cross-country rides, is to spread awareness about safe riding and propagate riding with proper riding gear.

To know more visit: http://nakedwolves.in/

10. Bangalore Motorcycle Club:

This rider group is impartial to both the bikers as well as their bikes. All riders with bikes over 150 cc are welcome to join this group that places safety and rider awareness along with the love for riding on top of their priority list. Besides going on frequent road trips all over the country, BMC also helps in raising funds for various NGOs in the city.

To know more visit: http://www.bangaloremotorcycleclub.com/

11. The Roaring Pistons - Bangalore:

When KTM launched the Duke 200 in India, they sparked off a craze that was completely unprecedented in the motorcycle community. The Duke 200 became one of the most popular bikes amongst the country’s youth and the Roaring Pistons in Bangalore is a group that celebrates the passion for the naked sports bike. With an ever-expanding member base of 200+ riders, this group now accepts all KTM riders and is always up for road trips and meets that are sure to be a lot of fun.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/theroaringpistons/

12. Bandit Bikers (Stunt Biker Group):

This team was formed in the year 2005. It is a group which performs freestyle stunt riding and participates in dirt races. It is a Kerala-based group. Members: Murshid bandits, Mithun bandits, Mazin bandits, Amith bandits, Jobin bandits, Prajosh bandits, Shojin bandit , Abhinav bandits, Hebil bandits and Bushair bandits.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/banditbikers

13. OutlawZ (Stunt Biker Group):

It is a leading freestyle stunt riding team, hailing from the city of Calicut. It was formed in the year 2009. The team has performed many spectacular stunt shows in various part of the country. Members: Arjun outlawz, Adhil outlawz, Arif outlawz, Akash outlawz, Irfan outlawz, Sujil outlawz, Jihad outlawz, Sujil outlawz, Jihad outlawz, Praneeth outlawz.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/OutlawZStuntZ

14. Ghost Ryderz (Stunt Biker Group):

This team is a result of weekend gatherings of childhood friends who shared a common passion for moto-sports and stunt biking. As time flew by, the teens grew up and so did their passion for stunt biking.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheGhostryderz

15. The Bikerni (Female) (All India):

With the reputation of being India’s first and largest association of women motorists, The Bikerni has carved a niche for itself in the biking sector. Founded by Urvashi Patole, The Bikerni welcomes women of all age groups, background, and lifestyle to boost the cause of women empowerment through biking. The group is officially recognized by the Women’s International Motorcycle Association. Started in 2011 by Urvashi Patole, the Bikerni is one of the earliest all-women biker groups in India. The group started out as a platform to bring together women bikers from all over the country to go on bike riding tours, show off stunting skills and set up bike races. The group set a record in the Limca Book of World Records in 2013 for being the largest all-women group to ride to Khardung-La, considered the highest motorable mountain pass. To qualify as a member of this group, you have to complete three rides with the members. You can ride any bike, as long as you’ve got the passion in you.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheBikerni

16. Bengal Lady Bikers (Female) (Kolkata):

Founded by Ramia Samui Sarkar, the club trains the fairer sex bikers on how to tame the strong machine and give a tough competition to their male counterparts on roads. Instead of planning their trips, the group believes in taking up impromptu journeys. They just need an excuse to embark upon a journey and if they can’t find one, they just make one. The Bengal Lady Bikers started as a group for, and of Kolkata-based riders. Today, they organise themselves into small teams and set off for the hills – covering trails from Uttarakhand to Kashmir. Some of their riders go on solo trips and then write about them on the website’s blog, inspiring other women to take off by themselves. According to their motto, they have no fixed plans or seasons – they just don their helmets and get going.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/ladybiker13/

17. The Riderni (Female) (Ahmedabad):

Formed in 2012, The Riderni is not about riding a bike only. “Ride Till I Die” is the slogan of the group in which there are members who love their bikes, overcome their limitations to achieve their passion and finally, dare to confront the challenges of life through zeal, passion, and determination. Sometimes riding for fun and sometimes for a social cause, The Riderni group is all about self-liberation. Anjaly Rajan began The Riderni in 2012. Based in Ahmedabad, the group has members between the ages of 20 and 50. For the women in this group, tinkering with their bikes and overcoming gender stereotypes is as much as passion as riding. Belivers in social justice, the group has taken out rallies in support of Nirbhaya and to create awareness about substance abuse.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheRiderni

18. Lady Riders of India (Female) (All India):

Founded by Maral Yazarloo, the group is all about exploring the depth of the passion for riding and is meant for all ‘she’ who are born to ride. Currently, a strong band of 24 powerful riders, it has women bikers across the country who ride bikes above 650cc, irrespective of the brand. And now, something for the super-bike enthusiasts. Formed in 2016 by Maral Yazarloo from Pune, this group is for women who love bikes above 650cc. The members of the group share a common love for speed and the guts to ride across the country. With meet-ups in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi, the group has members from many cities across the country. They are currently planning a huge trip spanning the length and breadth of the country. There’s also an international trip on the cards. Besides having a 650cc plus bike of any brand, the group requires all members to have covered 10,000 kilometres.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1483214541986651/

19. Ladies of Harley (Female) (India):

If you have a penchant for owning and riding a Harley both on and off the road, you are qualified to become the member of this group. You can express your love for these motorcycles by conversing with fellow riders or simply joining them on their next voyage. This is a community of fun loving, creative and wonderful female bikers from varied backgrounds who have come together to encourage women riding trend in the country. This year on International Women’s Day, Harley Davidson launched the 28th chapter of Ladies of Harley in India.

20. Biker Babez (Female):

Founded in 2013, this group has redefined the Indian perspective that says, women are not meant for bikes. Having its base in Chennai, the catchy name of the group has already made it popular among other bikers. This is a group of strong-headed ten women who believe in safe and smart riding. The aim of the group is to motivate other women to step forward and become a biker. Chennai-based Biker Babez is all about introducing women to the wonders and challenges of drag racing in India. While their motto is to ‘ride safe and smart’, they’re also daring enough to enter what is considered a man’s domain, and take up endurance training, racing, and motocross.

To know more visit: https://www.facebook.com/bikerbabezSindy/