Genuine & Fake parts in Bike Industry

By: Donal Sanghvi Category: Bike Lovers24/03/2019

Across all the nations worldwide we come across news, stories, articles, and information related to duplicate or first copy products of our favorite brand or company. The most famous industry to stay in the market along with a reputation matching the original product is the Watch or Wrist Watch industry. People are ready to buy a copied version of the actual product as it costs them comparatively less money and offers them the same type of design. Various industries which are involved in duplicate parts or products are food, watches, electrical devices, furniture, clothing, automobiles spare parts, bike spare parts, oil, metal, alcohol, cigarettes, computer peripherals, music…..etc. The need and demand of the growing market give rise to more industries which supply duplicate parts. Almost all the industries have the problem of fighting against fake products and bike spare parts are no different. Parts of a lot of brands in the motorcycle industry are fighting against the fake parts industry.

Let's look at the tips to avoid buying duplicate spare parts:

1. Buy from a trustworthy spare part dealer or owner:

The chances that a genuine person would sell you a fake part is very less. Owners and dealers who are aware of the duplicate part industry may want to keep their shop away from such products as it hampers their reputation and being genuine. Buying from an authentic shop allows you to stay sure that the parts are genuine and you will be well informed about the part which is installed in your bike.

2. Ask for details about every part:

It may not make any difference or harm but it is the best way to keep a check on which type of product you are buying. Even if the part is not genuine you would know about it and avoid it next time.

3. Check for genuine seals stamps, holograms and prints on the product:

The duplicate product manufacturer can produce fake parts but would not invest time, money and resources on the Seal, stamps, marking or prints and holograms, very often the genuinity can be easily judged by these parameters.

4. Know your parts:

Too much knowledge can be dangerous and harmful but no knowledge is equally harmful. Information about regular parts which need changes and replacement can be very handy in avoiding any type of purchase of a fake product.

5. Do not buy open or unsealed products:

Although an open product may be the actual original product and might have been opened by mistake, it is highly possible that the spare part owner can switch a duplicate part into the packaged product.

6. Understand your bike and check for difference in performance or working:

It is very difficult to spot any difference by simply looking at the product and considering you are not used to such activities it becomes more difficult. However, after the part is installed you can judge by your own experience and understanding of the performance and functioning or look closely at things which you feel are not appropriate.

7. Avoid shops who target budget customers or average customers:

Let's face it there is no need for a fake product but the demand for any type of products causes the shop owners to supply fake products to the customer which are in turn procured from dealers and manufacturer who deal in fake products.

Other tips to look for:

1. Check for “Made in” Tag.
2. Check design pattern and color.
3. Check product ID number or Tag number.
4. Get an authentic bill for the parts purchased.
5. Validate the Registration details of the Vendor and the Product.
6. Learn about your bike and various products.

Disadvantages of using duplicate/fake spare parts:

1. The fake part may cause additional damage to the sections or models around it.
2. The cost of maintenance rises as ultimately the part has to be changed or replaced with an original part.
3. The performance, fuel efficiency and safety of your bike are compromised.
4. Fake parts are not designed properly which may cause improper functioning or a compromised.
5. Fake parts can be very devastating if your bike is caught in some basic accident where the part was unable to work or did not function properly.