Early morning breakfast spots in Mumbai for Bike riders

By: Donal Sanghvi Category: Bike Lovers24/08/2019

If you are planning to try something different in the morning you can have a small ride and get yourself refreshed with a good breakfast. You can try some of the best foods available in Mumbai early in the morning. The advantage of having breakfast at these locations is that you can return back to your daily activity by the time the rest of the world is waking up.

Here are some of the best foods you can get for breakfast in Mumbai

1. Haji Ali Juice Centre, Breach Candy

The Haji Ali Juice Centre has developed its unique menu infusing old classics with a modern twist. It has been attracting a steady flow of patrons from all over the city and beyond leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Mumbai. Whether its cold or hot treats, dine-in or take-away, a quick bite or a hearty meal, this is the go-to place in the city. Today this legacy is being carried forward by the Noorani sisters and the Haji Ali Juice Centre continues to be the one-stop point for great food, thanks to the exceptional standard of hospitality started by their father.

Must try: Dry fruit cream, Juices

Opens in the Morning at: 5 AM

Address: Lala Lajpatrai Marg, Haji Ali junction, Near the entrance to Haji Ali durgah, Dargah Rd, Haji Ali, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/VhefJ9NBQnE9doSQA

2. Ramashray, Matunga East

Ramashray is providing South indian dishes for more than 80 years and has maintained its good reputation ever since. It is one of the oldest South-Indian restaurants in the city. Crisp dosas and tangy chutney are the best to have along with special dishes every day which are listed on a board.

Must try: Pineapple Sheera, Idli, Mysore Onion Dosa

Opens in the Morning at: 5 AM

Address: 24 Shreeji Sadan Bhandarkar Marg Opposite Matunga Kabutar Khana, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/uiuqGp2DwvWWk3Lu6

3. Madras Cafe, Colaba

This restaurant has a huge waiting queue hence it is recommended for people to go early morning to taste the dishes and to guess why people wait here for around 30 minutes to take a bite.

Must try: Set Dosa, Upma Podi

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: Aziz Mansion, 22-A, Near, Colaba Causeway, Railway Colony, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005

Google map link: https://g.page/madras-cafe-mumbai?share

4. Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra, Dadar West

If you would like to taste authentic Maharashtrian dish then this is the place which should be on top of your list.

Must try: Sabudana Vada (served with a peanut chutney)

Opens in the Morning at: 7:30 AM

Address: 9/10, Horizon Building, Gokhale Road North, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/MNwNxgerJNuWXugG7

5. Mani's Lunch Home, Matunga

This is a more South Indian oriented restaurant which serves authentic idli sambhar and various other South Indian Dishes.

Must try: Idli Sambhar, Pineapple Sheera

Opens in the Morning at: 6:30 AM

Address: Plot. No. 153/C. Mhaskar Building, Lakshami Narayan Rd, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/9UbLp91fRrxaTXTe8

6. Vinay Health Home, Charni Road

If you want a mix of Maharashtrian and Gujrati dishes then do visit this place where there are various dish type and lot of options.

Must try: Idli Sambhar, Poha, Brinjal Poha

Opens in the Morning at: 6:30 AM

Address: Jawahar Mansion, 71/83, Thakurdwar, Dr Babasaheb Jaykar Marg, Fanas Wadi, Naka, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/h5opmytX3pm6im7F9

7. Smoke House Deli

There is no match to the type of service you will get at the Smoke House Deli and they have an excellent place on the outside which gives a superb view of the Suburb.

Must try: SHD French Toast

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: Near Browni Point, Madhu Milan Building, 33rd Road, Dr Ambedkar Rd, Pali Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/Y4qz8eLXVA4uHkDu7

8. Sneha Restaurant, Mahim

The menu here consists of Veg as well as Non Veg and has a lot of dishes which are served at as early as 6 AM. You will also find some unique type of dishes which are banana fry, panpoli...etc

Must try: Egg roast and paratha

Opens in the Morning at: 6 AM

Address: shop no a7 bldg, No 53, Lady Jamshedji Rd, Opp.Crown Bakery And Paradise Cinema, Wanjawadi, Mahim West, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/cHGcGDiVwts7j9tZA

9. Good Luck Restaurant, Bandra

A Bandra icon, Goodluck has been around for several decades, serving kheema pav, eggs, bun maska and chai. The charming thing about this place is that it also houses a store with general provisions. And if you want them to cook something that is being sold at the store, go right ahead and ask them. You can buy your cornflakes and milk, and they’ll serve it to you. But the best thing to have here is the kheema pav.

Must try: Kheema pav

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: Mehboob Khan Chowk, 106, Hill Rd, Mount Mary, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/5jghNyXWUue6PvWM8

10. Sassanian, Marine Lines, Mumbai

Another 100-plus-year-old restaurant, Sassanian Boulangerie is less popular but the food is just as good. So if the wait is too long at Kayani, you can just take a 5-minute walk over to this joint. In addition to the eggs, kheema, brun or bun maska, you can also enjoy some delicious puffs.

Must try: Akuri

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: 98, Marine View, 1st Marine St, Metro Cross Road, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/eLfojCRnbJj5EkTT9

11. A1 Bakery, Bandra

A1 Bakery opens slightly later than the others on this list, at 5.45am, but it’s still worth a stop. It’s visited by local aunties stocking up on loaves of bread, as well as runners looking for a post-workout carb load. We loved A1 Bakery for its delicious chicken kathi rolls, chicken puffs, cutlets, and a varied range of croissants. The place does not offer seating but that doesn’t stop people from standing near-by and gorging on the rolls.

Must try: chicken kathi rolls, chicken puffs, cutlets

Opens in the Morning at: 6 AM

Address: 89-B, Hill Rd, near Holy Family Hospital, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/QUQgdyTBYuo7Nn1j7

12. Olympia Coffee House

Looking to see an old school Irani join, head over to Olympia Coffee House. While the coffee isn’t what we would recommend, you should have some of their biscuits with chai or some eggs and kheema with pav (the food is on the spicy side, so let them know if you need a milder version). They still serve the food in what must now be antique ceramic cups, saucers and plates. A treasure of Mumbai, located across the road from Leopold.

Must try: Kheema Pav

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: Rahim Mansion, No.1, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Scindia Society, Police Colony, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/mFE7VZCj5NRrP99r6

13. Leopold Cafe, Colaba

Pricey, relative to the other places on this list, Leopold (or Leo’s) is among the most famous hangouts in Mumbai. The food isn’t spectacular, but you should go here for the relaxed vibe (you could even order a beer at 7:30 am, not that we recommend it, of course). Get the omelettes with cheese or chicken, cornflakes if you want to be healthy and some fruit juice.

Must try: Akuri

Opens in the Morning at: 7:30 AM

Address: Opp Olympia Coffee House, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/kWo4xAo19vNnA2nQ6

14. Sarvi Restaurant, Nagpada

The restaurant that barely sleeps, here is where you should go if you’re in the mood for some kheema and bhurji at the crack of dawn. From the crack of dawn, they serve up some delicious non-vegetarian breakfast items (including a divine paya soup) with hot and crispy tandoori rotis. If you’re on holiday and living in the suburbs, a good idea would be to head here for breakfast before taking the train to South Mumbai.

Must try: Kheema Ghotala

Opens in the Morning at: 5:30 AM

Address: 184 Police Station, 192, Dimtimkar Road, opp. Nagpada, Dalal Estate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400008

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/ATLHMUtnZA7fG5tCA

15. Pizza By the Bay, Churchgate

The party in this town runs until early morning, and after a wild night a healthy breakfast with a serene view of the Marine Drive is freshly rejuvenating. This upscale, white-clad pizzeria offers just that to you. Outside, a signboard with a quirky adage yields a grin, while inside the premises of the eatery, moulded along the curvature of the corner road, are packed with customers seated on high chairs and white tables. The breakfast dishes are rotated each day, served against a fixed priced a la carte. If you wish to be more selective, you can choose from their extensive breakfast menu that includes staple breakfast dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and crunchy crusts. Pair it with the restaurant’s warm cup of cappuccino, while listening to subtle jazz renditions over the speakers.

Must try: Breakfast Buffet, Our Style Eggs Florentine, Crispy Waffles

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: Soona Mahal, 143, Marine Dr, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/TJCL7Z2Fj2UQDoV79

16. Noor Mohammadi, Mohammad Ali Road

In an area that was the breeding ground of organised crime and mafia activities in Mumbai, lies the delights of the Muslim culinary genius. At this 95-year Mughlai restaurant, you might find some rough characters sitting across your on the table, but the food here transcends the paragon of taste and flavour. The special spices of the restaurant work their magic into the widely-acclaimed dishes of the restaurant. Nalli-Nahri, their most famous dish, is a treat of tender meat steeped in a rich gravy of marrow. The kebabs at Noor Mohammadi, succulent and imbued in vibrant spices, will give any high-end restaurant a run for its money. The restaurant opens as early as 6 am, and closes at 1:30 am.

Must try: Nalli Nahri, Daal Ghee

Opens in the Morning at: 6 AM

Address: Abdul Hakim, 181-183 I R Road, Noor Mohammadi Chowk, Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400003

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/33B3Ef231qLejAZ68

17. Kyani And Co., Marine Lines

Relive memories of popular Coca-Cola advertisements while sipping Irani Tea and nibbling on Khari at this 113-year-old Parsi cafe in Dhobi Talao. Packed with students from St.Xavier’s College, South Bombay elites, and Parsi uncles, the cafe has a solid clientele. Entering the ground floor shop of old, doddery building that houses Kyani, sit on any of the teak wood tables, and order from the menu placed under the glassed top. The food menu includes staple breakfast delights and some Iranian delicacies. The calm, relaxed vibe of Kyani and Co, apart from the faint chatter heard sporadically, offers recluse from the otherwise busy Kalbadevi street. Finish your breakfast here with a slice of the freshly baked plum cake

Must try: Kheema Pao, Dhansak Dal

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: Jermahal Estate, 657, Jss Rd, Marine Lines East, Tak Wadi, Lohar Chawl, Kalbadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/dHDqBjbSsSF5sdPx9

18. Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel

Situated inside Kamala Mills, an erstwhile textile mill company during the British era, Cafe Zoe is one of the finest cafes in the city. The wide ground floor lounge of the cafe, beginning with a dessert bar, leads to the long hallway neatly arranged with wooden tables, and few couches. Zoe’s menu, which is fairly extravagant, lays emphasis on organic food. The dishes are garnished with fresh herbs, tea is yielded from tea farms in Assam and Darjeeling, the bread freshly baked and so on. The soft tunes of famous Robert Johnson songs diffuse through the sound system while patrons engage in téte-a-téte or clatter their laptop keyboard making resourceful use of the free WIFI.

Must try: Eggs Florentine, Turkey Pastrami

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: Mathurdas Mills Compound, N.M Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/cS3UbxCtPKbMeEDN8

19. Kala Ghoda Cafe, Fort

The small and cosy interiors of Kala Ghoda Cafe oozes a warm, European feel. The humble space that the restaurant occupies, by no bounds, restricts its popularity. The cafe keeps it simple- all the effort and care is put in preparing good food instead of ostensible decor and a pretentious menu. The staff, led by Chef Zoe Tara Singh, puts weight on fresh ingredients. It makes its own blend of certified organic coffee that is sourced directly from plantations. Arriving at the cafe cycling on a Sunday, qualifies you for free coffee and tea.

Must try: Spanish Bacon and Poached Eggs, Raasta Sandwich

Opens in the Morning at: 8 AM

Address: 10, Rope Walk Ln, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/QGr25YgRXuocCgdr7

20. Sea Lounge, Colaba

Sea Lounge is one of the most relaxed coffee shops and also the one with the most remarkable view of the Mumbai seafront. Sea Lounge Cafe is the perfect spot for high tea, where you can sit by the window, and munch on ‘bambaiyya’ snacks while glaring at a glorious view of Apollo Bunder. The erstwhile menu of the cafe included only Bombay chaat and toasties, but over time they have included coffee shop staples like fish and chips. Savour the trademark Viennoise coffee ice-cream, a pride possession that is available exclusively at Sea Lounge Cafe only.

Must try: Spanish Bacon and Poached Eggs, Raasta Sandwich

Opens in the Morning at: 7 AM

Address: The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, B K Boman Behram Marg, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/VbmSSZhiWVzqWo379

21. Le Pain Quotidien, BKC

Le Pain Quotidien, BKC is the first Indian outlet of the popular Belgian bakery. The fine hand-rolled bread, long community tables, and tantalizing chocolate spread (specially imported to India for the brand)- some signature LPQ features- are not amiss in its Indian establishment. The menu at LPQ is short, yet intriguing and includes Continental, European and French dishes along with Indianised sandwiches and luscious chocolate desserts. The restaurant maintains high quality standards of hygiene, and its big windows and sun-splashed interiors make up for a great breakfast joint. Start your day here with a warm cup of coffee along with Spinach and Feta Cheese Omelettes.

Must try: Belgian Hot Chocolate, Sweet Bread Roll

Opens in the Morning at: 8 AM

Address: Maker Maxity, 3, North Avenue, Bandra, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/K3XRDVHt3iEBhZDu9

22. Cafe Mondegar, Colaba

In a vicinity that accommodates Mumbai’s elitist culinary highlights, there’s one that has built a remarkable reputation for its sheer quality and consistency; that cafe is Cafe Mondegar. No other restaurant prepares a better English Breakfast than Cafe Mondegar. As the jukebox emanates tunes of popular English hits, the kitschy Indi-pop kitchen dishes out Continental and European dishes. For breakfast, they have dainty pancakes, baked beans on toast, and Kheema Pao. The cafe is usually on the bucket list of every tourist in Mumbai.

Must try: Omelettes, Waffles, Sausages

Opens in the Morning at: 7:30 AM

Address: Metro House, 5A, Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/VTPAsxkcyY4iSV657

Now go and have your Breakfast early morning. What are you waiting for?