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Cheaper & Cost effective

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Women Friendly

Auto Consultancy

Multiple Payment option

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Steps followed at Garage Uncle

Step 1. Book Your Service

Step 2. Job Card & Service Estimate Contract

Step 3. Service by Bike Experts

Step 4. Timely, Accountable & Transparent

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Step 6. Multiple Payment Options & Ease of Tracking Invoices


About aGarageUncle.com

We all have have riden a bike or owned one at some point? When the roads were better, less crowded, those long rides or getting grocery from the nearby uncleshop, things have definetly changed not only for us bikers, but for the beauty below us baring all the harsh conditions with the kilometers she passes. The most difficult task is getting her fixed and giving her that timely much deserved check-up/service or rather pampering the way i love to call it.
Due to our busy schedule from work, family time and the frustration of moving through the traffic we barely will bring ourselves to a garage or service centre until the bike really breaks down and are forced to do so. Also since your primary means of transport is now taken away for a few days, which means you end up spending a huge amout of money on cabs, rickshaws, etc. If all this is an image of exactly what you go through, stop worrying, as Garage Uncle is here to make life better for you from now on, to experience this first hand, go on pick your phone and call us or book an appointment online right now.

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